Valentines Day - Uhm....

Okay, to make it clear: I do not hate valentine’s day as such, I do not hate love nor its signs… I love love in every shape and layer there is to it.


I am 26 and today is probably the 9th valentine’s day since I have been aware of its meaning. I got maybe one card actually dedicated to this day. It was from an anonymous card in senior high school and as negative as I am thinking of that time, it was probably a prank (and if not…. why stay anonymous?). I haven’t been single all the time and I hope that I did my best to make those days as romantic as I can. But all those valentines’ days, I have been single.

So what is my problem? Not being single, being single is absolutely fine, no matter your age! My problem is the overwhelming public mayhem which comes with valentine’s day. It all started a month ago when I received the first newsletter from an online-shop which advertised lingerie and other erotic clothing for valentine’s day. First, not even a month after Christmas, are you serious capitalism?? It was Christmas, most of us are quite short on cash! Second, 90 % of the offered clothing is intended for women. That opens a box of problems. Why do we objectify women that much? Where is it written that men do not deserve a wide variety of clothing which makes them sexier? So capitalism hits you a month too early for this day.

Next reminder are all those well-meant articles in your favourite online-magazines and news-sites with many suggestions how to have a great valentine’s day. “The 10 greatest ideas for your Valentines Date”, “The 15 sexiest Valentine-Outfits” (still mainly for women) and so on and so on. The more I saw them the more I planned to stay in bed the whole day. Like I said, those articles are well meant and I am sure that there are people out there who have huge problems figuring out a great date. I just want to know if it is necessary to remind us of it up to 6 times a day??? Make a compendium and repost it in the week before valentine’s day if you need to, but throwing it into our faces every day is rather counterproductive. Especially for those who cannot plan a valentine’s day date it becomes quite depressing!

Okay, enough of the annoying reminders, whoever reads this and has some say in it: Please start it later and make it less annoying!!

Let’s talk about the day itself. I am sorry, but it is beyond annoying. One cannot even log into a computer game anymore without being greeted with “happy valentine’s day!” or its many special offers and events. Every third post on your social media pages is about this day. On top everything, some of the online-magazines portrait slim and muscular humans wishing you a “happy valentine’s day”. Aside from showing it into our faces again, COME ON, ever heard anything about body-positivity?!? The way this day is “celebrated” is depressing and partly offensive!

Why do we even need to have a special day for a special day with our partners? Why don’t we have one special day every week which we spend with our partners! Cook a nice meal together, serve it by candlelight, watch a nice movie and have a steamy night with equally sexy clothing.

Love is the most important feeling of all humanity but it can disappear so quick, be it from a change of heart or something even worse. Celebrate and relish it every day, every week, every month and every year, you cannot have enough of it.

Your thoughts? Love! HellsBell