U.S.S. Siohana - Prologue: Bonds

Location: Some system on the Klingon – Federation border

Ship: U.S.S. O’Neill, NX – 93223, New experimental Prometheus Class

The final days of Captain Soax’ first command.

Smoke filled Belldirs eyes as he raised from the ground.

“Ensign, shut down that cooling line!
Damage report Vaelot!”

“We have been hit by a wave, nothing critical, shields are at 80 percent. A Klingon Cruiser exploded near to us.”

Belldir takes his seat again.

 “All-right, lets bring it on, Helm, bring us behind that group of Bird of Prey’s, Lieutenant Ardomiel, ready a scatter volley with the front cannons and a full quantum spread!”

Both officers replied with a short “Aye Sir”.

“Suril, any strategic orders from the flagship?”

“No Sir.. wait, there is something coming.. it’s a huge ship Sir!”

Belldir looks at his console when his helm notified him that they are in position.

“Well, the big ship has to wait for a few seconds, Ardomiel, fire scatter volley!”

The front cannons of the USS O’Neill are firing on 4 Bird of Prey’s. Because of the tetryon energy cannons the shields of the enemy’s burst fast.

“Torpedo’s, now!”

Four torpedo’s left the O’Neill flying towards the Bird of Prey’s.

“Direct hits Sir, some Bird of Preys destroyed, others are severely damaged and drift away.”, Ardomiel reports

“That group won’t bother us any more! Suril, what is that huge ship?”

“It’s a Bortas Class Cruiser Sir, it just has destroyed the Flag Ship.”

Those 5 seconds of silence were devastating. Belldir was thinking, the Flag ship was an Emissary Star Cruiser, they are hard material.
And the Klingon ship destroyed it that easily? What kind of ship have they created?

“Vaelot, analyse that Ship, Suril, why did the Horizon not stand against that ship!”

“Sir, the Horizon was right in front of it, the front cannons are huge.”

“And they have a very high energy fluctuation. If the Horizon took so much damage from them, we will be vaporized by them!”

“Are the Klingon so desperate to develop such kind of weapon??”

“Sir! We are in front of it, it powers up its front weapons!”


The USS O’Neill speeds up, breaking left and dodging away from the Bortas front.. and not a bit too late. The huge cannons fire a huge energy burst which strives the starboard nacelles.

Because of that shot, the Sir James drifts hard to port as if no one would steer her any more.
Which was not that wrong as it turns out a bit later.
On the bridge, Belldir hold his ribs as he raised from the ground.

“Damage Report!”

He sees the Helm lying on the ground.

“And get a corpsman!”

He approaches the young lieutenant and swears after testing her pulse. He looks up to the console which is black and the glass is splintered.

“Port shields failed, the starboard nacelles are half destroyed, warp drive is offline but the core is stable.”

“Computer, prepare MVAM Alpha and initiate semi manual fight control from the Captains Seat.
Vaelot, calculate two energy transfers, one to the front weapons and the other to aft shields and impulse engines, tell engineering to salvage every bit of power they can find.
Suril, order the other two sections to stay at least eight kilometres away from the enemy and tell them to hold their torpedo’s until the shields fail.
Ardomiel, give me all weapon control, set the forward dual beams to target the shield subsystems if it finds them. And prepare the Tricobalt – Device in the aft torpedo launcher.”

“Belldir, might I point out that the chances of success are below..”

“I know, but that is the best plan to damage the Bortas before it rips the whole fleet apart. Just do it Commander!”

Vaelot nods short and begins tapping on her console. Belldir takes his seat and touches the manual flight stick. He steers his ship away from the cruiser so that he will face the cruisers starboard side.

“Comuter, initiate MVAM Alpha!”

Initiating MVAM Alpha, keep away from inner airlocks, separation in ten seconds. Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, separating. Separation complete.”

“Lets roll.”

He steers the upper part of the O’Neill around and accelerates towards the cruiser. He presses the firing button on his joystick and releases the tetryon energy on the cruisers shields. The upper section of the Sir James is so manoeuvrable that Belldir has no difficulties to avoid the cruisers disruptor beams.

“Vaelot, all power to forward weapons!”

Everyone else on the bridge was quite, with a plan like this you could nearly smell the tension.

Suril breaks the tension with one loud shout, she must have been that excited.
“Enemy shields down Sir!”

“Order the other sections to fire torpedoes!!”

At the same time, Belldir presses his console button for the torpedo’s, turns the section straight away from the cruiser and yells:

“All energy to aft shields and engines, give them everything we have!! Ardomiel, fire the Tricobalt!!”

As the O’Neill accelerates the bright white point leaves the aft of the upper section and flies towards the cruiser. Vaelot starts to count down the range of the device to the cruiser.

“500 meter … 450 … 400 … 350 … 300 … 250 … 200 … 150 … 100 … 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, impact!”

A huge explosion rips apart the starboard hull of the Bortas, and the shock-wave takes on the upper section of the Sir James and carries it away from the explosion. Belldir gets thrown out of his seat, this time, straight to the view screen which he hits with a loud crack coming from his ribs.

After the section stopped moving he and the other bridge officers raised.

“Damage report, ARGH!”

Belldir holds his ribs.

“Not much to the ship, only at least three cracked ribs to it’s Captain.”

“I meant the Bortas Cruiser, did we destroyed it?”

Belldir walks slowly back to his seat and sits down.

Vaelot roles with her eyes and taps on her communicator, “Medic to the bridge!”

Meanwhile Suril reports, “Scanners show… it still there! It took some serious damage on the starboard hull, but the rest is still intact Sir! But… they are retreating, all Klingon ships are retreating, some of them are taking the cruiser in the tractor beam!”

“Signal the Fleet to stand down. We have to take care of the wounded, the most intact ships shall salvage the field and take on any surviving soul. The rest.. shall fly to Earth Space dock or Utopia. “

“Aye Aye Sir.”

“Computer, disengage Multi Vector Assault Mode.”

“Multi Vector Assault Mode cannot be disengaged, Alpha Section is damaged.”

Belldir sighs, “Great… Vaelot, after the fleet has responded make a brief report to Starfleet Command about what happened. Then organise someone to toe us back to earth space dock. You have the bridge Commander!”

“And you are going???”

Belldir stands up.

“Where my XO wants me to, to sickbay!”

He smiles and walks slowly towards the turbo lift where the medic arrives for him.

“I am the one my XO wants to be taken care of Ensign.”

He and the medic enter the turbo list.

“So much for your 30 % chance of success Vaelot! Computer, deck four!”

Vaelot raises an eyebrow.

“It was a 32.154 % chance of success..”

The bridge crew laughs and carries on with the orders.


Two weeks later on Earth Space Dock:

Belldir and Vaelot are entering a Turbolift on Earth Space Dock.

“Deck 78, Starfleet Operations.” says Vaelot emotionless.

Meanwhile Belldir looks up and down at Vaelot.

“Belldir, you are examining me, what is it.”

“You look tense.”

“What do you expect, we both have been ordered to Admiral Vosh, after last battle, this cannot be good.”

“Wow, is there a spark of fear in your stance??”

“No, I am just not used to this.”

“Used to what?”

“Being ordered to some Admiral from Starfleet Command or Operations.”

“Huh, when did it happen the last time?”

“When you were yanking me from my nice science position on the Athena.
It was calm, protected, secure, without any hazards, it was simply nice.
And then I get ordered to Earth Space Dock by Admiral Miller and get told that you have chosen me as your first officer. I knew then, my days of calmness were done.”

“What?? We had calm and cozy days.”

“Yes, of course, when we were at Deep Space K7 or Starbase 234 waiting one hour for a new assignment. … Granted, it was cozy.”, Vaelot smiled.

“Relax,”, Belldir smiles, “They probably just want to brief us on the status of the O’Neill.”

The Turbolifts stops and they leave it into the corridor heading towards Admiral Vosh’s office.

As they arrive at the office, Admiral Vosh’s secretary announces without delay that Belldir and Vaelot have arrived.

“Admiral, Captain Belldir and Commander Vaelot have arrived.”

“About time, send them in” Was the response through the comlink.

Belldir and Vaelot enter Admiral Vosh’s office, walk up to the desk and stand at attention.

“Admiral, Commander Vaelot and Captain Belldir reporting as ordered.”

Although he was the senior officer to Vaelot, Belldir mentioned her first because he has style of “Ladies first” in all situations.

“Vaelot, Belldir. I’d say take a seat, but this will not take long. Your new orders are here” He tapped a couple of datapads by his right hand. “However, it will not be with the O’Neill.”

Belldir looks shocked and is staggering a bit, “But… why… my….”

“What Captain Belldir is trying to say is that he would like to know to what reason and what is going to happen with “his” ship.”, Vaelot states with sheer calm voice, but one could see in her face that she actually is as confused as Belldir. Certainly a rare sight on the face of a Vulcan.

Belldir meanwhile swallowed a big apple down his throat and points to Vaelot, “What she said…”

“Well, ‘His’ ship was so badly damaged that Command has decided it isn’t worth the effort, she will be used for spare parts for other similar class ships damaged in combat.”

Belldir looks at Admiral Vosh like he wants to hypnotise him, “Not worth the effort? Spare parts?? And what about the crew???”

Vosh checks the names on the datapads before handing them out. “Captain Vaelot, you are now assigned to the U.S.S. Marc Aurel. Congratulations on your promotion. Captain Belldir, are you reassigned to the U.S.S. Siohana. Try not to wreck that ship too.”

This time Vaelot was actually staggering, “But Sir, I… don’t know…. what to say.”

Belldir intervenes this time, “She wants to ask why my XO is being taken away from me..”

Vaelot starts to complain to Belldir, “Hey, be quiet, you are just jea…”, when Admiral Vosh cuts her off.

“Enough! The decision is made, you will both attend the Promotion Ceremony in 12 hours. I’m sure you have some things to do before that. Check your orders for departure times on your ships, it wouldn’t look good if you’re late. Especially you Vaelot. Am I understood?”

Both go into attention and give a simultaneous “Aye Aye Sir!”.

“Good! I’d also remind you both that you are Starfleet personnel, you will act as such. Dismissed.”

Belldir and Vaelot leave Admiral Vosh’s office and walk straight to the Turbolift.

“Computer, hold turbolift.”, Vaelot turns to Belldir, “What just happened.”

Well,”, Belldir takes a deep breath, “We got reassigned.”

That guy, he was…..”

Belldir raised a hand, “Relax, he doesn’t know us. If he would be here, Miller would have done it for sure, but he is with the Romulan Republic. And hey, what are you complaining, you made Captain, despite what happened in the Academy.”

Vaelot looks down.

What is it Vaelot.”

I hoped I would make Captain and still be your XO.”

Belldir looks surprised at her.

Don’t look so surprised, the many times we did…. Don’t tell me you don’t know.”

I can understand why you said it… but I never figured….”, Belldir raises her chin with his hand to look her in the eyes. Small tears begin to form in her eyes and Belldir wipes them immediately away. “I never figured that your emotions are that strong.”

Vaelot gulps, “I am a Vulcan, people expect me to be emotionless. It is hard to restrain myself. You might not notice it, because you can’t look that deep into my feelings, but… it gets harder every year. With us having it done so often I sucked pure emotions in. I admitted that I was emotional before, but with you all of it grew very quickly. The years without you… were very hard. I…. I am sorry…”

Belldir puts his finger onto her lips and gives her a kiss. 
It is okay. I understand now. But hey, you did make it through those years. And now you have your own ship, you can contact me anytime you want via subspace.”

Vaelot nods slowly, “I know. And maybe a little bit of distance won’t be bad for both of us. After all.. our relationship cannot be forever, we both know that.”

Now Belldir looks down, but Vaelot expected it.
They both know what they did was wrong, it was dangerous.
It made their lives hard, and if it ever comes to light, it might not only be their Starfleet careers they might lose, they would also endanger their places in their societies. 
But although it was wrong and highly dangerous, they did it anyway.
It felt good, and that was all they needed to know.

Belldir takes a deep breath, “Whatever, lets change the subject. What ship do you have?”

I thought you would never ask. Rhode Island Class. And you?”

Intrepid Class. But I don’t see anyone of my senior staff on the roster list.”

Vaelot smiles slightly, “Might be because I have all of them.”

Oh come on… this is not fair.”


I don’t just lose my XO but also my entire senior staff? That is cruel.”

Well, who do you got.”

Commander Joan Martha Jones, short “Joe”. Executive Officer.”

You know her?”

Yes, she was my second in command when I was leading the 23rd Spec Ops Squad.
She was a Senior Chief Petty Officer back then and attended to the academy to become an officer when I left the squad.”

Ah, thats interesting.”

Interesting is the choice of Operations and Security Officers I have. Merris is among them, was a Petty Officer Second Class in the 23rd. He also must have attended Academy after I left. Interesting, accepting him would promote him whether the others are already Lieutenant Commander. that makes the choice rather easy, why even listing the others.”

I bet Miller had to do it so that Stafleet Operations is satisfied.”

Might be. Well.. the others look proper… I have a whole Spec Ops Squad on my ship.”

Seems you will be doing a lot more than just scientific exploration.”

Commander Jones to Captain Soax.”

Belldir looks up because of the intercom, “Soax here, Joe! What is it?”

I am waiting for half an hour in front of the turbolift, I was told to expect you here.”

Vaelot chuckles while Belldir answers, “Erm, yeah. We will be right there, Soax out.”

Vaelot begins to laugh, “I can’t believe we had this turbolift on hold for half an hour.”

Well, its a big station, I don’t think anyone else actually noticed. Computer, continue.”

The turbolift arrives at the promenade-deck after a few seconds and Vaelot and Belldir exit the turbolift. In front of it, Commander Jones goes into attention.

Captain Soax, Sir, it is and honour to serve with you again.”

Belldir returns the salute, “At easy, permanent order. We didn’t do this stuff 16 years ago, we won’t start now Joe.”

Aye HellsBell, you are the boss.”

Vaelot looks at Joan, “HellsBell?”, she turns to Belldir, “I thought you obtained that name as a callsign when you were a Pilot?”

Nope, I got it from my Spec Ops Squad. I don’t remember why I got it. But it had something to do with a bell. Vaelot, meet Commander Joan Martha Jones, also called Joe. Joe, meet Captain Vaelot, my former XO and partner.”

Vaelot and Joan shake hands.

Nice to meet you ma’am.”

Likewise, Belldir told a lot of good stories about his Spec Ops Time.”

I hope only the good stuff ma’am.”, both chuckle, “HellsBell, we need to chose the rest of the senior staff way before departure.”

I concur, lets start with operations and security.”

Vaelot raises her hand, “I will take my leave and leave you two to it. I will have to inform my senior staff.”

Belldir gives Vaelot a kiss on the chin, “Give them my regards, I will meet them after your promotion ceremony.”

I will.” Vaelot give Belldir a small hug and goes of to see her old new senior staff.

Joan smiles, “You did good since the last time we saw each other.”

Well, it is much more complicated as you think. I will tell you the next time we have a pint together.”

I am looking forward to it. Now, operations and security, who do you have in mind?”

Belldir grins, “What do you think of a trip to Starfleet Academy to meet and old old friend.”

Martha laughed, “Yeah, when you shot the bell, he set all hell loose.”

Both went into the direction of the main transporter room while laughing loudly about that little story that means so much.

Cast in this post:
Dei as Admiral Vosh
HellsBell as Cpt. Belldir “HellsBell” Soax

And the almighty GM as everyone else.