Episode 1 - Old Friends New Challenges - Chapter One: Merry Merris

Episode 1 – Old Friends New Challenges

Chapter One: Merry Merris

Lieutenant Lucas Merris was standing in front of his close combat class. “Alright everyone. You have learned the basics.” He let his knuckles crack.

Welcome to exerted Close Combat Class O-I. Any Volunteers?” He said. 9 out of the 25 pupils rose their hands. Lucas pointed at the most burly one.
Cadet, go ahead, and attack me.” Lucas stepped on the mat in front of him and moved to the middle of it.

The student ran towards him and tried to tackle him down. Lucas took a small step to the side, grabbed the students leg and let him perform a salto, which let him hid down hard on his tailbone.

While the student was howling in pain Lucas stepped closer to the class. “What you saw here is…”

The door of the gym opened and Belldir and Joan entered the room.
OFFICERS ON DECK!” Lucas shouted and the recruits stood at attention. Lucas himself saluted towards the Officers. Within a blink he recognized the faces, but it was too late to offer an informal welcome.

Belldir showed a wide grin to the class and Lucas, “Ah, close combat.That is interesting. At ease!”

Lucas took a normal position. “Class, may I introduce Captain Soax and Commander Jones to you. If you hate my style of close combat, you better not have them as teachers.” He tolerated the short laughter, as he had provoked it, and he knew, neither of the officers had too much of a sense for protocol. 

While Joan is laughing the cadets see Belldir emerge into the light of the gym.
Well Lieutenant Merris, quite the claim you make about me and the Commander. Mind presenting those skills to your class? Hmmm….. but how…. Hah, I know….”, Belldir changes into a defensive stance, “attack me!”

Lucas smiled. “Good ‘ol times, Captain.” Lucas rushed towards the captain, but right before the attack he changed all his weight to the left side and ducked under Belldirs defensive strike.
What Lucas did not see was the slight shift to Belldirs forward foot. Belldirs rear leg accelerated forward and the knee pointed exactly at his chest.
The moment when Lucas noticed it it was almost too late. Lucas dropped off his standing leg, so that he fell to the ground, but so evading Belldir’s hit. Lucas rolled aside, standing up in the same move and taking a defensive position by himself.
Ah, the demolition men got new skills. That makes it interesting.” Lucas smiled. “You bet, HellsBell”.
Belldir took the power of hit kick to move his body 90 degrees around in order to face Lucas. “Your turn, boss. “ Lucas said.
Immediately on Lucas’ taunt Belldir leaps two feet forward and attempts a blow with his elbow towards Lucas’ chin which will normally followed by the kerp of the hand towards the neck.
Lucas saw the elbow coming, but it was too late to fully evade it, so he turned his head to reduce the force of impact. At the same time he moved his feet, so he could get his body under Belldir. When the elbow hit his face, he rose up, throwing Belldir over his shoulder with an impressive force, but still the elbow hit him hard in the face, and his nose started bleeding.
Belldir was lifted off his feet by Lucas’ move and landed with a perfect landing technique. he quickly rolled onto his back, swirled around with his feet into Lucas’ legs and threw him on the ground. Using his momentum, Belldir stood up pretty quick and took a stance.

Lucas hit the ground hard and smiled. He jumped up and turned towards the class, blood flowing from his nose. “I told you not to mess with him.” then he slightly bowed towards Belldir. “It was a pleasure, Sir.” He took two steps towards him. “Now, I do not think, embarrassing myself in front of my students was your purpose of being here.” Lucas said with a smile on his deformed face.

Belldir changed into a normal stance, “No, it wasn’t, but I admit, I haven’t had a good fight in a while. Lucas, what would you say if I would offer you a position as Chief of Operations and Security on my new ship.”

Lucas looked into Belldir’s eyes. “It would be an honour to serve under your command once again, Sir!” Lucas said. He moved closer to Belldir’s ears and whispered. “These cadets are beyond help anyways, you know…” A smile smirked on his face.

Belldir smiled, “Didn’t we all start that way at some point? But anyway… ATTENTION ON DECK!”

Lucas jumped into attention, as did the cadets.

Lieutenant Lucas Merris, I have the honour to tell you that you are hereby promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander with all its privileges.”, Belldir holds his hand out to Joan, “Commander Jones?”


The pip Commander.”

Oh, yes, here it is.”

Joan puts the pip with the black hole into Belldirs hand who attached it to Lucas’ collar.

Congratulations Lieutenant Commander. Deck, at ease!”, Belldir shakes Lucas’ hand, “Now, I know you would like to have a party, but we are departing in 15 hours and I need my new Chief of Operation checking the ship a.s.a.p..”

Lucas saluted towards Belldir and Joan. After that he turned to his class. “Well, I doubt the academy will find a replacement for me until tomorrow morning, so you can go celebrate. Ask the Cadet who had the pleasure of the first round. It is a reason to celebrate.”
That said he turned around towards Belldir. “I will get my belongings. I will be ready in 20, Sir.”

All right, Joe will tell you where to transport to. By the way, the ship is called U.S.S. Siohana, Intrepid Class. Now, get moving.”, Belldir grins at Lucas and turned to the class, “Now, who wants to have some exercise?”

No one moved, “Oh come on, when I was in my close combat class I did additional hours voluntary!”

Lucas turned around while leaving the room. “They fear you, I tell you. They are not up for the challenge” He laughed while stepping through the door. Seconds later 4 pupils raised their arms to face Belldir…

Belldir grinned, “Alright, you four against Commander Jones. Off you go.”

Joan stepped forward, “I hate you.”

Nah you don’t.”, Belldir enjoyed what happened next.

Cast in this post:

Almar Elias as Lt. Cdr. Lucas Merris
HellsBell as Cpt. Belldir “HellsBell” Soax

And the almighty GM as everyone else.