Starfleet Personnel File: Belldir "HellsBell" Soax

Character Information
Personal Information
Name: Belldir „HellsBell“ Soax
Race: Trill
Age: 46
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 13.10.2363
Place of Birth: Trill (joined)
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 6’4” (1,92 m)
Weight: 92 kg
Family Information
Father: Toran, Teacher at the technical university of Trill, unjoined
Mother: Anir, unjoined
Sister(s): Lt. Cdr. Kiara, Age: 33, Chief Engineer U.S.S. Thunderchild
Brother(s): None
Spouse: Open relationship with Captain Vaelot, CO U.S.S. Marc Aurel
Starfleet Service Information
Rank: Captain
Years of Service: To Be Determined
Current Assignment: Commanding Officer U.S.S. Siohana
Born on Trill and raised by his parents he worked hard to follow his fathers footsteps as a teacher.
When he became 13 Belldir was chosen to be joined by a symbiont. 
Because of this he did not pursue his plans to become a teacher.
He completed everything necessary so he was joined at the age of 16. 
Three years after that he decided that the best choice would not be teacher any more.
His symbiont was old and had much experience, only one thing was missing, he was never in space.
So Belldir decided to join Starfleet in order to become an officer.
Starfleet Service Record
Enlisted 01.01.2382
Starfleet Academy:
01.01.2382 – 2384 Basic Officers Command Training School, Basic Helm School, Special Operations Training;
01.12.2383 Accepted admission into the Red Squadron
16.03.2383 Left Red Squadron, Reason: [Classified]
31.12.2384 Graduated first in his class, Promotion to Ensign
2385 Active Duty with the Special Operations
01.01.2386 – 2389 Advanced Officer Command Training School
31.12.2389 Graduated from Advanced Officer Command Training School as first in his class, Degree in advanced Leadership and Advanced Space Tactics and Strategy, received the Bridge Command and Helm Certificate
2390 – 2393 Active Duty on board the U.S.S. Thunderchild
2393 – 2394 Fighter Pilot Training, Advanced Fighter Command Class
31.12.2394 Graduated as fifth in his class, received Fighter Pilot and Fighter Group Command Certificate
Active Duty:
01.01.2393 Assigned to Special Operations as Squadleader to the 23rd Special Operations Squadron
2386 – 2389 Inactive Duty, Starfleet Academy
01.01.2399 Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, assigned as junior tactical officer on the USS Thunderchild
26.10.2401 Promoted to Lieutenant Senior Grade, took up the position as Chief Tactical Officer on the USS Thunderchild
2393 – 2394 Inactive Duty, Starfleet Academy
01.01.2395 Promotion to Lieutenant Commander, received command of the fighter squadron 1 in group 2 guarding Deep Space Station K7
16.07.2399 Promotion to Commander, received command of the fighter group 2 guarding Deep Space Station K7
01.01.2404 Promotion to Captain, assigned to the U.S.S. O’Neill as Commanding Officer
06.07.2409 Reassigned to U.S.S. Siohana as Commanding Officer
Medical Record:
Will be added.
Psychological Record:
Will be added.
Comments from former Commanding Officers:
Will be added.
31.12.2386 Basic Special Operations Service Ribbon
28.02.2397 Awarded with the Starfleet Medal of Honor for pushing the damaged fighter of a fellow pilot out of the battle zone at the battle of the Ziba System on the 25.01.2402